Skin of Marble | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 25, 2019

Skin of Marble

By Pankuj Parashar with 6.2

romance · Short Films · hindi

There is no reason why you should sit through this cringe-fest of a film which throws in names like Sadat Hasan Manto and Naseeruddin Shah, but to very little avail. The characters in the film are shallow, and excluding Shah, accompanied by the most lacklustre performance. Their portrayal is half-hearted and leaves the viewer wondering about what convinced Shah to be part of the film in the first place.

With casual racism, stereotyping, sexism and nausea-invoking patriarchy thrown in for good measure, the story is problematic in too many ways to keep count of. The viewer is also forced to pay attention to art direction (or the complete lack of it) and how taking it for granted with unconvincing props and design can make a film fall deeper in the pit of its flaws, even when you thought it had exhausted all criteria of being a bad product. The only pertinent question the film truly raises is about filmmaking and leaves anyone attempting to venture in the territory with a fair warning of how not to make a film like Skin of Marble.
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