Silly Sheep | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 24, 2022

Silly Sheep

By Pranav Bhasin with 6.9

drama · Short Films · hindi

Silly Sheep is a poignant engagement with the existential angst of a young boy tied to the desk of a seemingly mundane job. As he goes about his life, rehearsing and performing the same activities over and over again, the futility of this rut leaves him unable to attach any significance to life. Tied in an endless web of civil norms and social etiquettes, the protagonist, skilfully played by Arnav Bhasin, asks the jarring question, "Do I really exist?"

There is much that goes on in the short duration of this film - from a dull job to a stolen car to a near death accident - yet the struggle to find any meaning in existence remains unchanged throughout. When you see someone you see every day, maybe in a lift, at a platform or outside a building, do you ignore them or do you lend any relevance to their existence and, in the process, to yours? This is the question this DLP production, written and directed by Pranav Bhasin, leaves you with.
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