Salwate | Short Film of the Month

Short Film of the Month March 2023


By Amit Vijay with 7

comedy · Short Films · hindi

‘Salwate’ (wrinkles/creases) is an endearing, entertaining film about one morning in the life of the protagonist, Jeetesh. He is a disciplined, cheerful man who shares a loving, playful relationship with his mother.

On the day the film opens, he is about to head out for an important job interview. However, when he begins to get ready and iron his clothes for the same, he realizes that the iron is broken, and that no ironing shop would be open this early in the day to complete the task.

As Jeetesh moves from one failed attempt to another, to make it in time for the interview, the narrative comes into its own. The performances and writing, both complement each other, and eventually take the film home in a balanced manner.

The viewer cannot help, but be deeply invested in the fate of the protagonist who takes upon all challenges in his life, big or small, with a winning smile.
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