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Short Film of the Day March 19, 2024

Sab Kuch New - Emiway

By Emiway Bantai with 7

music video · Short Films · hindi

Following close at the heels of Zaruratich Nahi Hai comes another hip-hop track by Emiway. There are echoes of the sentiment of the previous track in Sab Kuch New where the singer again talks about his rise to fame and how he owes it to his fans.

He further takes the listener into the story of his struggle, sharing with them the toughest hours, along with the reminder that it indeed is darkest before dawn. Without sounding preachy or didactic, the song has some advice to share with all those at different points of their struggles. Set to a catchy tune, Sab Kuch New has potential to connect with its listeners and hip-hop aficionados in a lasting way.
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