Roznama | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 3, 2020


By Neoreel Films with 7.2

drama · Short Films · hindi

soty 21 finalist
The film is marked by its silences more than dialogues, and in the process, offers a calm narrative - poignant, beautiful and engaging in equal measure. It is the story of a young writer who takes on petty jobs to help himself survive in the city, while continuing to scribble on his little notepad in between the dozens of chores he has to accomplish on a daily basis. One morning, stumbling across a pretty stranger, who seems to be reading the same poetry early in the morning he had fallen asleep to the previous night, he finds himself falling prey to a fluttering of the heart.

The quietness of the film, also enriched by elegant camerawork, is broken only by a skilled voiceover that shares poetry about the matters of the heart. The things that are left unsaid carry the most crucial message in the narrative - one about an artist who finds himself at the margins of society, finding solace in a vast expanse marked only by a soul akin to his own kind, about falling in love and getting your heart broken. However, despite any or all obstacles, the pursuit of dreams, and hope, never truly ceases or loses its significance in human existence, and it is precisely this emphatic communication that becomes the final message that smoothly ties the conclusion together.
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