Rong | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 3, 2021


By Sanjib Kalita with 6.4

non fiction · Short Films · hindi

Rong invokes a sense of calm with its sombre recounting of a person's experience of their life in a small town. While they may have found a safe abode in Delhi, there seems to be a sense of romance with the existence back home which is conjured by portraying for the viewer the daily activities of the protagonist's mother. From their shared past to now when the mother longs for her child to return home as soon as possible, the film weaves it all.

There is something very likeable about the final result without your realizing exactly what it is. Is it the candour, quietness, intimacy or simplicity, or all of them together? Additionally, despite the technical rawness of the narrative unfolding before you, the potential of the lean team comes across notably in this sincere attempt at providing the viewer a very personal account of life.
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