Rohingya | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 14, 2022


By Soudhriti Bhabani with 6.8

documentary · Short Films · bengali

The Rohingya refugee crisis has been one of the most staggering displacement of people in history. As hundreds of thousands of people found themselves driven out of their country, or meet a torturous, horrifying fate if they stayed, countless lives were uprooted and scattered to the wind in a cruel, horrifying, haphazard manner. The short docu endeavors to explore the many tribulations of these lives, now having found shelter in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Through the eyes of a doctor, Babar Ali, who works in the camp, the narrative introduces the viewer to it all. From smiling children, to ill elderly to distraught men and women who articulate their unbridled misery to the camera, it attempts to engage with them all. The final result, thus, does its bit to further and spread the conversation on a very pressing, dire issue of contemporary times.
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