Reverse | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 21, 2021


By La Kailasa Productions with 6.3

comedy · Short Films · hindi

Made within fifty hours, the short narrative is a fun and entertaining glimpse into the misadventures of a domestic help and his employer. When he arrives, he is categorically told by the man of the house to stay away from a specific room which has a reverse sign on the door. One night, tired of the mosquitoes in his corner of the house, he forces his way into the room, and the most absurd set of events begin to develop.

The final result brings in moments of humor, all along not taking itself too seriously. Through the caricaturesque portrayal of the help, it aims to generate laughter for the viewer (even though some lines of portrayal of people of a specific class are a little too clearly defined), the overall result remains lighthearted to watch.
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