| Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 24, 2020

By Subodh Menon with 6.7

comedy · Short Films · hindi

You won't be the only one if you have a smile on your face throughout the viewing experience of this endearing and warmth-inducing short film. The protagonist is a school boy who has come home with some formidable news for his parents. As he moves from one corner of the house to the other, mustering courage while also trying to keep the secret hidden from his family, an engaging plot unfolds for the audience.

The film portrays the obstacles of the world of children, and locates itself in the adult realm in a manner that further accentuates and amplifies the voice of the former. It is in this honest and innocent portrayal that the success of the narrative is achieved. Further, it should be noted that the young cast is unforgettable and adorable in their attempts to bring their characters to life on screen in a convincing manner. And to top it all, there is an unexpected usage of our contemporary reality for the unsuspecting viewer, one that allows the story a satisfying closure.
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