Real Estate | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 12, 2021

Real Estate

By Arindam Ray with 6.8

drama · Short Films · hindi

In essence, the narrative of the film is about a battle between the pragmatism and worldly accumulation of wealth and material goods by a real estate professional, and a less practical actor and theatre artist who struggles to make enough money even for basic needs like rent. In the centre of this tussle is a woman, the sister of the former, and the beloved of the latter, on whom the two contrasting sets of opinions eventually pivot. It is then an ingenious scheme that allows one to triumph over another.

Consequently, it is the plot which becomes the most notable aspect of the film, also invoking for the viewer thinkers, performers and writers of the past in the form of Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekov and Charlie Chaplin.

While the narrative might leave it up to the viewer to decide who will be the winner in the overarching war between worldly pursuits and the heart's desire to create, think and perform, the fate of the two primary characters are decided by it, and thus presented to the viewer at its conclusion.
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