Rang Zinda Hai | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 7, 2023

Rang Zinda Hai

By Swarathma with 6.8

music video · Short Films

Made as a celebration of all the elders that inspired them, this Swarathma music video is sure to add colour to a dull day. Rang Zinda Hai is a beautiful reminder of how age is simply a number. Visuals of a group of the elderly getting together to play with colour, listen to a song or huddle around a carrom board compliment this soulful number.

On a bleak winter day, the song is bound to invoke warmth and a sense of hope in the viewer's heart. Aptly modelled on its theme Bachpan After Pachpan (Childhood After 55), it is the most heartwarming reminder that there is no such thing as giving up, and that if your heart truly desires it, you can live your entire life with childlike wonder and innocence.
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