Radhan | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 8, 2023


By Mayank Pushpam Singh with 6.8

romance · Short Films · hindi

‘Radhan’, a film that invokes the word satisfaction in its title, becomes a story of pursuit, of exploration, of arriving and perhaps even finally receiving. Through the characters of Ujjwal and Madhu, a cynic and a happy free-spirit, respectively, the film constructs its world for the viewer.

The end result is marked by an earnest desire to conjure its reality, as well as to bring in a sense of dreamy ease within the narratorial progression. Even if it does not go all the way in exploring the many aspects of this particular kind of storytelling, the film still remains marked by its own unique voice to give a twist to the age-old opposites-attract-trope of romantic tales.

Additionally, the chemistry of the two actors ushers in a sense of endearment that suffuses the film with a warmth that would stay with you long after you are done watching it.
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