Rabt | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 15, 2022


By Manvi Duggal with 7.3

drama · Short Films · hindi

‘Rabt’ is a beautiful story about an unexpected connection, an unlikely link between two very disparate characters, Manav, a worker for a company that sells caller tunes, and Dhananjay, an old man who lives in the hills with his disgruntled domestic worker.

If the former is stuck in a dead-end job which leaves him little room to expand his true passion of music and singing, the latter deals with dementia. However, the similarity between the two characters remains their own respective emotional burdens that they quietly carry. From guilt and regret to hurt and disappointment, all of these emotions are painted on the canvas of the narrative without making it mawkish or maudlin.

The writing of the film does a commendable job of discussing ideas of marriage, family, fidelity and relationships, and the many variables that continue to mold them indefinitely. The background score is especially complementary in supporting this conversation. All of it is handled with sincerity, ensuring that the end result of the film is a lovely, heartfelt story.
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