Puppets | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 2, 2023


By Krishna Bharani with 6.7

horror · Short Films · telugu

‘Puppets’ is an interesting film that uses very few verbal exchanges, and instead presents much of its action through performances and swiftly unfolding visuals. The story begins on the eve of the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020. A tea seller is extremely stressed about his livelihood. The anger and frustration that he feels soon find their way in the form of a violent dismissal of an unsuspecting patron. However, little does the tea seller know that he will soon regret this impulsive act greatly.

The narrative swiftly moves to the present day and we are introduced to the professional woes of another character, this time in a different class setting. She too ends up venting her frustrations on an unsuspecting man.

From being mere pawns of a ruthless system where everyone is running in an endless race for survival, their strings being pulled completely by another, the characters are soon presented as quite literal puppets of a supernatural entity. Violence, bloodshed, and the shadows that constitute this world soon follow in the wake of these developments, and the film presents its unique storytelling to you, marked by the potential in terms of thought, world-building, visual progression, and performances.
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