Privileged Lockdown | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 14, 2020

Privileged Lockdown

By Praveen Whitefield with 6.7

drama · Short Films · english

Made as a montage of glossy visuals, the short film endeavours to draw the viewer's attention to a more disturbing reality. The coronavirus pandemic has ensured that people get confined to their homes globally, and the film is a portrayal of the same. It opens on a fairly harmless note, but progresses faster than the viewer has expected so far.

The film does not give in to sentimentalism or loud visuals to convey its message. Instead, it manages to invoke the right amount of discomfort, strong enough to spur the viewer into action, by an image, for instance, as simple as perfectly delicious looking food being pushed into a dustbin without a second thought. Aimed at reminding the viewer of being aware of their privilege, the film does its bit to highlight the plight of the less fortunate in a world currently struggling to get back on its feet.
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