Pressure cooker | Pallavi Joshi, Mukul Chadda | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 23, 2024

Pressure cooker

By Heena Dsouza with 7.4

romance · Short Films · hindi

The film is a wonderful take on the various aspects of love - thrill, cheating, stability and boredom - from the point of a view of a housewife in a middle-class, nineties household. The narrative does a notable job of using a mundane object, a pressure cooker, to comment on the dynamics of a marriage.

Swati, who feels neglected by her husband, while also struggling with an old pressure cooker, finds herself considering different options and newer alternatives. She soon finds herself tempted by an automatic pressure cooker, a fancier product of an era that was beginning its tryst with modernisation. However, between temptation of novelty and the stability of familiarity, what will she choose?
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