Phool Kumari Ki Geet Maala | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 24, 2022

Phool Kumari Ki Geet Maala

By Aryan Singh with 6.8

romance · Short Films · hindi

The short narrative presents a sweet tale that borrows from surrealism and fantasy, all along tying it together with music and romance. A narrator plays on a ukulele and introduces the viewer to the matter at hand - red crystals of unknown origin, but those which find themselves located at the heart of eternal love.

Next, an element of tragedy enters the plot. If on the one hand, a woman looks for a red crystal she hurled at the beach only a single day ago, a groom abandoned at his wedding altar by the woman who was going to marry him is also present at the site, on the other. As the paths of the three collide - the strange, eccentric narrator with a flair for storytelling, the rejected groom, and the hapless woman - the story comes into its own. Additionally, at the conclusion awaits a dark development that serves as a dedicated endeavor to enhance the plot further.
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