Pata Bhi Nahi Chalega | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 27, 2020

Pata Bhi Nahi Chalega

By Rushikesh Ravindra Rokade with 6.8

poetry · Short Films · hindi

The film employs skilful shots and supplements them with a poetic narration which becomes its most notable strength. The poetry is concise and powerful and speaks on the behalf of the less fortunate. In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, as everyone gets confined indoors, the narrative draws attention to the plight of those who have been hit financially by the health crisis.

There is further a sense of uncertainty the narrative attempts to draw the viewer's attention to. Covid-19 took the world by complete surprise, leaving them most unprepared to deal with everything that followed in its wake. The film wants to remind the privileged and the protected that they might be headed towards a similar fate in the future while not having the remotest idea of it in the present, thereby also becoming a plea to nurture empathy as well as kindness.
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