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Short Film of the Day October 20, 2023

Padh Le Basanti

By Sangram Naiksatam with 7.3

comedy · Short Films · hindi

The latest offering by TVF’s Qtiyapa, ‘Padh Le Basanti’ is a humourous take on the dismal conditions of contemporary schools and the Indian education system. It draws attention to the teachers' deliberate efforts to not teach their students properly in the classroom, forcing them to come to them for tuitions.

Set in a high school, the film uses Rang De Basanti as its inspiration in a comical way to highlight the intent of the teachers. The faculty leaves no option for the students, but to either cheat or spend money on their tuition fee. Matters come to a head when the topper of the school, Ajay is failed in his exams for being the sole force of resistance against tuition classes. His friends, led by DJ, then embark on a revolution with the help of their new teacher Miss Chu. Will this group of school students be able to provide the spark needed for the inferno of revolution?
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