Out of Place | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 14, 2023

Out of Place

By Harsh Siddhanta with 6.8

drama · Short Films · hindi

Two men, Kultaar Chatwal and Shounak, at vastly different stages of life, and in vastly different circumstances, find themselves united by a common thread of despair and existential dread. They are both disillusioned by the city and life they find themselves located in, and grapple with them in their own respective manner, as their shared loneliness and isolation further pronounce the film's title.

However, one day things take the most unexpected turn when a woman called Kavery Chandra ends up at their doorstep. She is unfazed by the sight of two men drinking in a house by themselves and is more than comfortable sharing their accommodation for a week.

The next morning introduces us to a Kavery who has taken over the household chores like cleaning and setting up the house, a plot progression that seems a little inconsistent with the character of a woman who is planning to stay for only a few days. However, if one chooses to view it as part of her cheery personality that aims to bring happiness within the narrative, perhaps it can be overlooked. The storytelling in itself presents to us an MPDG-esque character, something the viewer might have encountered previously in mainstream cinema.

The performances of the three actors become the true strength of the film, as does its visual grammar, aiming to leave the viewer with an uplifting message about hope, optimism, and finding peace in the most unexpected ways, maybe even as unexpected as the entry of a woman who refuses to give up even in the face of the most overwhelming battles.
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