Open Doors | Pick of the Festival Circuit

soty finalist January 4, 2020

Open Doors

By Priyanka Jasani with 7.4

documentary · Short Films · kannada

soty finalist
The documentary is clinical, incisive and sharp in its approach as it reveals to the viewer the life of the inhabitants in a small piece of land in Karnataka. Ambedkar Nagar, which started with four huts, now has close to five hundred people dwelling within its narrow by-lanes.

From the idealistic and zealous voice of a young man who wants to bring education to his community, to that of a retired worker who values intelligence over everything and is apprehensive of modern education - the documentary reveals different voices. Without falling in the trap of voyeurism, romanticising or any other problematic forms of portrayal of poverty, the film manages to successfully engage with issues of class, casteism and everyday survival.
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