Oorinavaru Yenta Heltare Marre | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 24, 2022

Oorinavaru Yenta Heltare Marre

By Arjun Acharya with 6.7

thriller · Short Films · kannada

Naveen and Guru are in the middle of a field when Naveen realizes that his engagement ring is missing. The men try to find it, but soon give up in the face of other, more pressing demands of the day. As the story develops, we are presented with a longer glimpse into Naveen’s life. He has been married for a few months, but the rumour mill is already churning out stories of an affair between his wife and one of his friends who also happens to be her colleague.

There are also long absences of people, as well as jealousies within a stressful marriage that ensure that the film is constituted by much darker undercurrents than it had suggested at the start. Despite the initial tone of humor and lightheartedness, something sinister is waiting to be realized. The film exhibits some obstacles in its sound department, but on the whole remains an engaging and entertaining ride. The team should continue to explore their storytelling and filmmaking in the future.
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