One For Love, Krodhraj! | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 9, 2022

One For Love, Krodhraj!

By Aryan Singh with 6.5

comedy · Short Films · hindi

The short film opens with the tone of an autobiographical documentary, but soon reveals its true nature, that of a mockumentary. Once that has been ascertained by the viewer, they find themselves delving deeper and deeper into the world of the protagonist who uses the name of his online persona, Krodhraj.

Rejected in love and battling heartbreak, he sets on a path of redefining love and its many complexities. With bizarre ideas, well-intended but marked by their absurdity, he moves from one aspect to another, sharing them all with the audience.

The end product of the film is an expression of the desire to experiment with the various aspects of weaving a narrative - be it music, visual style, aesthetics or the overall feel. It should definitely be honed further to present more fine-tuned results to the audience in the future.
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