One Bloody Bullet | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 30, 2022

One Bloody Bullet

By Ganesh Katta with 6.5

action · Short Films

‘One Bloody Bullet’ presents a zealous endeavor of weaving a story of violence, deceit, murder and survival. A man has found himself between a rock and a hard place after losing a large sum of money in gambling on the results of a sports tournament. Our first introduction to his misery is in the form of his woeful face as the Indian cricket team wins a match. The contrast in the reaction that the viewer is likely to expect from the protagonist offers the film’s first stab at grabbing your attention.

There is further the attempt to experiment with pacing, narratorial progression and editing to bring the story to life. All of these elements work in their capacity and, even though a few wrinkles remain, on the whole, they allow the plot to convey its intentions.
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