Old Fashioned Love | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day April 19, 2024

Old Fashioned Love

By Deepshikha Bhatnagar with 7.3

romance · Short Films · hindi

Looking back on Valentine's Day over the years, you realise we have celebrated singlehood, female companionships, pets, so on and so forth. Just when you thought there's nothing new that can be added to the list, a short film arrived with the most relevant and wonderful message.

This V-Day, let's celebrate women who make the first move. Making a strong comment on gender dynamics, Old Fashioned Love, is about a conversation between a bartender and a man sketching by himself. The first reaction for many viewers can be of surprise - to see a woman behind the bar in India, and that is perhaps another comment that the film makes. The conversation between them is intelligently written. The narrative is simple and engaging and concludes with a powerful ending.
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