Ninna Suttaya | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 21, 2024

Ninna Suttaya

By Luke Sydney with 7.1

music video · Short Films · tulu

The music video presents a passage of time, as well as the different stages of a relationship nestled within it. What starts off as the solitary existence of an artist becomes a journey from isolation to community and forming a family. The video is defined by heartwarming and uplifting visuals. They are then tied with soulful Tulu vocals by Praveen Alva, and a fixed frame, to achieve all of this and some more, with ease.

Sometimes stories and narratives try a little too passionately to conjure magic, and ironically, that is where it gets lost. For ‘Ninna Suttaya’ (Around You), its simplicity and directness of approach and storytelling remain its biggest strength, allowing it to convey everything that it intends to with lucidity of portrayal and communication.
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