Neene | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 7, 2022


By R Filmmakers with 6.8

music video · Short Films · kannada

‘Neene’ is a seamless music video that brings to life a story of friendship, love, longing, and eventually, heartbreak. All of these emotions are portrayed in an effortless manner by the protagonist Dhanu. In love with his neighbor and childhood best friend Aditi for over a decade, he is finally mustering the courage to tell her the truth.

As we await Dhanu's confession of love, we are further introduced to the equation shared between the two. It is marked by joy, laughter, ease and affection. All of this is presented to the viewer by notable visuals, tied with equally complementary vocals. However, would Dhanu’s hopes and intentions materialize as planned? The question remains intrinsic to the narrative, and is eventually answered at its conclusion.
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