Neelima | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 11, 2021


By Netra Venkateshwaran with 6

romance · Short Films · hindi

The manner the various societal elements come to influence a romance forms the primary thematic concern of the short film. As it takes us into Neelima's life, a devoted, hardworking house-help, the warring factions of class and the strict hierarchies they operate within further echo the realities of the world she inhabits.

However, matters of the heart follow no logic or order, and thus a budding romance between the protagonist and the household's young son soon becomes the predominant preoccupation of the plot. In the process, the narrative aspires to offer a comment on all of these elements, as well as the nature of a relationship which hopes to transcend the many limitations placed on it.

The fate of the young lovers becomes an aspect of the story which can further keep the viewer engaged; a tighter control on its sound would have perhaps benefited the film a bit more. Notwithstanding, there is a certain undeniable sweetness to it, significantly contributed by the lead actors, each of whom deliver an endearing performance.
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