Naaz Hotel | Pick of the Festival Circuit

festival circuit January 9, 2020

Naaz Hotel

By Ghania Siddique with 7

documentary · Short Films · hindi

The documentary is a beautiful tryst with the past, memory and time. The narrative is of a young girl, trying to put together an image of her grandfather who passed away about a year ago from the time of when the film begins. As she leads her family members and his employees into sharing their anecdotes of him, it is revealed to the viewer that the common thread that links them all is Hotel Naaz, an establishment that he started in 1959.

The film attempts a wonderful use of empty spaces (sometimes even using them to superimpose stills and battered black and white photographs) and a calm, quiet pace that allows the story to connect itself with a lost age and time. While placing her grandfather amidst the hustling activity of Hotel Naaz, our protagonist also explores and wonders about the could-have-beens of her own relationship with him, despite being distanced from each other by the numerous boxes of gender, generation gap and even a different time period. Exhibiting promising potential on the part of the young team, the film does a notable job of exploring and presenting all of these elements to the viewer.