My Sister and Hand-Me-Downs | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 9, 2020

My Sister and Hand-Me-Downs

By Siddhartha Bedi with 6.5

dramedy · Short Films · english

The film is an endearing story about a brother introducing the viewer to his sister. The film is equipped with a deep desire to tell its story, and offers a sincere attempt at that despite its limited resources. Marked by a piano rendition of Que Sera Sera, and a subject who is defined by her eccentricities, the film puts its narrative across.

It's tone and approach reveals the filmmaker's exposure to films in the same strain as Amélie or Wes Anderson's body of work. Consequently, it employs exaggerated characteristics of its main subject to generate humour, but never at the expense of the character herself, making it a sweet, heartfelt product worked upon and presented forth by a sibling duo.
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