Murder on Time | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 27, 2021

Murder on Time

By Varun Dhone with 6.6

sci fi · Short Films · hindi

A boy is sitting by himself, having a cup of coffee, when he is met by the most strange character - himself, but from ten years ahead in the future. The portrayal of the protagonist immediately catches your eye with its dedication to performance. It becomes one of the strongest aspects of the film, coupled with its camerawork.

The plot that is invoked and combined with the performance and visuals is complete with intrigue, murder, uncertainty, time travel and a love story gone terribly wrong. As Neeti and Vinit try to untangle the several knots of uncertainty and misunderstandings in their relationship, the narrative aspires to leave the viewer with a message about karma, and finally allowing one's positive intentions to let them move ahead unscathed in the world.
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