Mukho-Churi|Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day December 28, 2019


By Debashish Banerjee with 7.2

horror · Short Films · bengali

If a horror story is executed expertly, it can lead you to instinctively look around for company, to ensure you are not alone and vulnerable for whatever fictional monster or demon you have just encountered on screen. However, the flip side to it is the high possibility of it all going wrong and leaving you with cringe-inducing humour.

Fortunately, Mukho-Churi falls in the first category and catches the viewer by terrifying shock at what unfolds before them. The film deserves a especial mention for its visual effects and the usage of sound, two elements which make it succeed. It is late at night as two professionals light a cigarette, share a horror story and get back to work. However, because of a mistake, a simple act of forgetfulness, a very dark twist awaits the characters. In a world that is plagued by witch-hunts and cruelty, what would be their fate?
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