Mother Earth | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 5, 2020

Mother Earth

By Aashi Pranjal with 6.5

comedy · Short Films · hindi

The film is hilarious and entertaining, owing primarily to the zealous performance by Anmol Sharma who is most colourful and engaging as a pregnant woman out on a beach for a shoot. The film succeeds at being funny at the first instance due to the expectation it sets and then foils right from the opening. It begins in an unexpected manner, marked by a melodramatic plea about the planet. However, before the viewer can move on or dismiss the film, it reveals its true intentions.

With concern for the environment as its hinterland, the narrative takes us into the (mis?)adventures of its two characters who shoot a video about the pain and exploitation of mother Earth, employing the character of a pregnant woman to implore humans to be responsible. The film is effervescent and sweet and should be appreciated for the same.
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