Mombae | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 23, 2023


By Saumitra Singh with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

A single mother is at the end of her rope, battling all kinds of financial and emotional difficulties. She struggles to find accommodation for her young daughter and herself in the chaotic landscape of Mumbai. Along with neighbors who play loud music, and brokers who make tall promises about buildings that are falling apart before her eyes, she is also met with professional rejections.

The narrative’s most crucial flourish, however, lies in the juxtaposition it draws between an innocent moment of pure joy that the protagonist shares with her daughter, and a soul-crushing reality for her which must be braved in order to survive. The title of the film, a portmanteau for ‘mom’ and ‘bae’, a mother and a lover, is further realized in this instance which, though not devoid of rough edges, is earnest and adroit in its intentions and their portrayal.
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