Mirror | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 18, 2020


By Rohit Kathi with 6.1

thriller · Short Films · hindi

The primary concerns of the film include loyalty, envy and how the two combine to eventually lead to revenge. The story opens with the myth of a magical statue that could cure all illnesses. We are soon taken into the lives of two men where one battles an illness and the other provides him with an antidote. Things continue to unfold in a fast-paced manner, hinting at far more disconcerting things than the viewer would have expected at the first glance.

The plot employs a varied background score, heightened emotions and an element of fantasy to construct and weave its narrative. The audience is kept guessing till the end, as it further utilises a real life example of the most dangerous creature in the world, justifying its title as well in the process.
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