Meraki | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day May 16, 2021


By Ishan Singh with 7

thriller · Short Films · hindi

Meraki, a Greek word with no English counterpart, refers to that part of an artist's being, their soul, essence, that they invest in their creative endeavor. Consequently, the horizon of expectation that the short film sets for you suggests an exploration of the creative process, the artist's relationship with his work, and perhaps, the completion of a project he is portrayed to be struggling with in the first few minutes of the film.

However, the viewer is deliberately kept unaware of the deeply disconcerting events the narrative instead is moving towards. Yes, it will be a story about writing and creating, but would it be in the manner you expect it to be?

As the protagonist's preoccupation with a twisted idea of creativity continues to overpower his relationship with writing, the film soon becomes a thriller that does not take refuge in the shadowy world of dim-lit visuals. Instead, this is a realm of sunlight and bright frames, allowing it to accentuate its core intentions. It is not a story marked by a single, grand act of violence per se on which rides everything, instead, it is its execution and the build-up leading to it that forms the most notable aspect of the film, further enabling it to achieve all that it had set out to.
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