Maqsad | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 1, 2020


By Ashwyn Goveas with 6.6

thriller · Short Films · hindi

A man is gearing for a mission. He shares with the viewer his conflicts, dilemmas and purpose, and attributes them to humanity. He says that it was out of compassion for mankind that he was inspired to take the path, and clarifies that his aim had nothing to do with organised religion, a qualification that is highly valued. Bordering on agnosticism, the protagonist still wants to compel the Almighty, if there be one, to give him the answers he is looking for.

Though the man is portrayed as a stalker, it is him the gaze of the film is focused at, as though stalking the stalker himself. It is clear that the act he has planned is one of terror. The rest of the narrative is simply about letting it unfold organically. Marked by skilled camerawork and a notable voiceover, the film is a sincere endeavour to be engaging.
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