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Short Film of the Day December 17, 2020


By Abhinay Deshmukh with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

2020 fc winnersoty 21 finalist
The wait is the hardest for those who are left behind, and the narrative of the film indeed portrays the same in a poignant, beautiful manner. The entirety of it is in the form of an affectionate letter that a mother is writing to her child. It is only over a period of time that the contents reveal the true intent of the writer, as well as the circumstances of the person being addressed in it.

The strongest aspect of the film is the soulful, seamless narration, with a close second in its cinematography, which serves as the viewer's sole relationship with the protagonist and her struggles. It is through these words that we are allowed to share and participate in her emotions, even if fleetingly, as well as the physical and emotional isolation she experiences in her son's absence.

The plot also carries within it an important social message, reminding the viewer of their duty towards society, as a handful of us continue to wage a battle on the front lines of a pandemic that has the world tightly in its clutches.
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