Machraja | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 7, 2022


By Himangshu Arya with 6.8

experimental · Short Films · hindi

At the heart of ‘Machraja’ lies a constant battle that is being waged between the carnal, worldly desires, and the spiritual realm of discipline and control. The protagonist, stuck in the center of this, is being aggressively pulled in opposite directions that is leading to a dangerously high level of cosmic radiation over Mumbai. It is the link that connects these two seemingly unconnected occurrences upon which the narrative pivots.

The writing is marked by a sense of the absurd, along with an experimental approach, both of which make the film an entertaining watch. Because it does not take itself too seriously, the tonality remains unencumbered and instead, becomes light and humorous. The performances embellish the film further, ensuring that on the whole the final result achieves freshness in its storytelling and narratorial progression.
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