Love in Kalimpong | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 8, 2023

Love in Kalimpong

By Raghav Diwan with 6.8

romance · Short Films · hindi

‘Love in Kalimpong’ is a mellow story of love found in an unexpected place during an even more unexpected encounter. Its pacing is consistently calm and sustained all along.

The narrative introduces us to Rishi first who is visiting Kalimpong with his fellow band members for a performance. As they explore the region, he runs into Iris, a talented, mysterious musician who draws him deeper and deeper into her world. What follows next is a story defined by anger, emotions, song and music, and a neat tying together of all of these elements.

The film loses a few points when it comes to the seamlessness of its sound department but remains marked by earnestness throughout, along with an unmissable, sincere portrayal of Iris by Rajeswari.
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