Lost in Labour | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 13, 2023

Lost in Labour

By Aashish Yadav with 6.7

drama · Short Films · hindi

The film shares a pertinent comment about class and the many ways class-based exploitation disenfranchises people of the most basic rights. When two cops find a man passed out at a construction site, they immediately nab him under suspicion of theft. Despite all his pleas and attempts to provide a clean track record, no one offers him any respite or benefit of the doubt.

His employers, corrupt builders themselves who flout laws, or are simply unwilling to engage with the cops, wash their hands off him, leaving the unfortunate man at the mercy of the officers. When they refuse to believe in his innocence, despite all his pleading, there is only one way left for him to turn. By presenting the desperate protagonist and all his futile attempts, thus, along with notable performances, the narrative offers insight into society's power structures and corruption.
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