Lipstick | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 17, 2022


By Phoenix Creations with 6.4

thriller · Short Films · hindi

As the conversation around misogyny and women's safety gains more and more relevance, the short film does its bit to further the same. The narrative takes the viewer directly into the heart of action and portrays for us a scene of abduction. As a woman is held captive by two men, the plot endeavors to hold a mirror to society, and its deep-set, problematic notions about women and their location within it.

Alongside this, the forward movement of the plot continues, continuing to question these extremely destructive forces, while also showing a character who refuses to be a meek, coy being deprived of agency. The various elements are eventually tied together and presented to the viewer, ensuring that the message is shared in an unequivocal manner.
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