Land of Lost Triggers | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 15, 2021

Land of Lost Triggers

By Mainak Biswas with 6.5

drama · Short Films · bengali

Farmer suicides, as a result of the exploitation and oppression that this massive part of the Indian population is often subjected to, has plagued our society for decades in a shocking manner. Despite the cruel reality, there have been little reforms in the country to address it. While politicians and leaders continue with their conversations and protests, the actual reality of a farmer who is located on the ground, striving to keep himself and his family afloat, almost always paints a disturbing picture. The short film is a sincere endeavor to tell the same story.

Marked by symbolism that further justifies its title, and a complete lack of any kind of verbal exchanges, it defines its progression simply by way of voiceovers or mute interactions, presented to the viewer using visuals of a monochromatic palette. Despite its limited resources, the film becomes especially relevant in contemporary times as the farmers at the forefront of the protests against the Farm Bills continue to make headlines in the nation.
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