Krishna Chaaya | Short Film Nominee

soty finalist February 10, 2022

Krishna Chaaya

By Pranay Aggarwal with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

soty finalist
‘Krishna Chaaya’ has a lovely quietness to it, one which allows it to make its comment emphatically, ensuring the message is heard loud and clear. At its opening, we are introduced to a young couple, Krishna and Chaaya, and their endearing love story. However, the film soon develops to reveal a reality that is fraught with far more complex nuances and circumstances than we would have gauged at first glance.

As we get more and more involved in the tribulations of the couple, there is something to be said about the simple transgressions that might be taken for granted behind the wall of privilege - young love and secret love affairs for instance. Without explicitly saying thus, there is also an important comment being made about the double obstacle placed in women’s path, as compared to their male counterparts within the same class spectrum. At the same time, a woman of a higher class easily trumps the freedom of choice of a man who belongs to a lower one.

The film raises all of these points and more, leaving the viewer with a story that would stay with them even after they are done watching the film.
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