Kashti | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 14, 2020


By Hritik Sanghavi with 6.6

romance · Short Films · hindi

The pangs of young love are not only deep and all-consuming, but also universal. It is precisely this emotion and sentiment which allows the film a relatability for the viewer as it introduces them to the tribulations of two teenaged lovers. Students of a boarding school, it is now time for them to part ways and say their goodbyes as they graduate from the institution.

The film invokes a sweet, endearing story by weaving together the painful, disappointing present with the wonderful memories of the past. It further allows an organic pace to the climax, to let the pain and fear of separation become a character in itself. However, just when all might seem lost for the young lovers, can a reversal of fate wriggle its way into their story?
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