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Short Film of the Day June 7, 2020


By Rishab S Joshi with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

lfc finalistlfc winner
The film employs skilful visuals to communicate its intent to the viewer. Further, the story is shared with the audience in a powerful manner, leaving them surprised when it finally unfolds at the climax, making it ring loud and true long after they are done watching the film.

Both the camerawork and the storytelling tie the narrative together expertly. This, in turn, manages to carry forth an impactful message about the selflessness of those who are at the front lines of our battle agains the coronavirus pandemic. It also gives a glimpse into a professional's selflessness, devotion and sense of duty towards his work which is strong enough to make him reject a life of retirement and the quiet that comes to characterise it.
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