Karma Cafe | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day July 18, 2020

Karma Cafe

By Kabeer Khurana with 6.8

fantasy · Short Films · english

One night, a visibly distraught boy stumbles into a strange cafe where he is the only customer. He is met by a jovial man who offers him a menu that has no prices. The dishes are to be paid by his karma.

What does the boy deserve, will he get what he desires or what the cosmos decides for him? The short film is his journey that involves moving from one kind of soup to another and how it ties up with his deepest secrets. The script, language, performances and the manner in which the two actors interact with each other is thespian in nature. Because it's reminiscent of a theatre performance, the short film sets high expectations for the viewer, higher than what it lives up to. While the idea of good karma is conveyed to be a cathartic exercise, instead of getting the message across to the viewer, it ends up feeling like a therapy session for the protagonist.
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