Kahi Suni | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 28, 2024

Kahi Suni

By Sharad Das Gupta with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

When you deal with a topic like gender, there is the danger of running into repetition and monotony. The content around the topic has set the bar very high and a film has to be especially unique to eschew these problems.

It would be safe to say that Kahi Suni, the second episode of the series - Sisterhood Tales by Blush, comes midway in this journey. When it starts, it does not set the horizon of expectation too high - it's the story of yet another woman who's trying to balance work with her family's expectations. However the short film becomes a little more interesting as she sits in her cab to find a woman driver. From there, the narrative only goes higher and higher. During the course of her ride, she also finds out that the driver is specially abled. In the process, the film leaves the viewer with a subtle but impactful message about how we view people who are different from us. It further reiterates that simply by standing up for each other, we can make our struggles easier, even if slightly so.
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