Kafan | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 11, 2022


By Sunny Sharma with 6.9

drama · Short Films · hindi

Inspired by Premchand’s namesake story, ‘Kafan’ locates itself far from the twentieth century, and in the contemporary coronavirus-ridden world instead. The story opens at a moment of tension, presenting to us a very unwell woman in Budhiya, as well as the plight of her worried, frantic husband, Madhav.

As a frenzied quest begins to secure urgent medical aid for Budhiya, the film offers comments on privilege, the access the affluent enjoy in hospitals during a crisis, and at the end of it all, on death, the great leveler. At the same time, there is also a reminder that while death and the pandemic might be indiscriminate in who they choose to claim as their own, the poor and the underprivileged still have immense obstacles to overcome at every step, including death.

The final product of 'Kafan' boasts notable performances, especially that of the protagonist in Madhav, and in a brief glimpse of an unnamed character. This is further coupled with subtlety and uniqueness of voice in the reality and commentary that it brings to life.
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