Kaaliyaa Man | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 23, 2020

Kaaliyaa Man

By M Saadique Shaan with 6.6

comedy · Short Films · hindi

When the everyday, lived reality of a regular village in Rajasthan becomes too overwhelming, young Kaaliyaa takes refuge in his reveries. After having heard the stories of a caped superhero from a fellow-villager, who colours his tales with all kinds of hues and shades of city-life, our protagonist finds himself in the heart of a daydream about his own cape and mask.

The film is endearing and honest in its attempts to shares its story with the audience, to whom it provides an equally likeable character, along with noteworthy visuals. While our protagonist might struggle to register dull facts about an era gone by, will he truly find a safe refuge in the stories of Kaaliyaa Man?
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